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Ondol is a Korean under-floor heating system.

We, GAPS manufacture potable Ondol called Hot Water Circulation Mat, Hot and Cool Water Circulation Mat, Cool Mat. GAPS provides neither drive noise and nor vibration as it has no motor pump for hot water and PCM cool pad. It provides excellent performance with high efficiency and ultra low noise (10dB or less) helping you to have good sleep.

Enterprise ideology-

[The technical center, The talented man center, The management which is transparent]

The stock company gaps is the place which opens the oar of imagining.

Is excellent and excavates, rears the talented man who is original and the customer wants the product which to be small but the strong enterprise.
The techno brain enterprise in the human center,
rightly "Gaps" Is.

Far, will interchange with the customer together, more deeply will be able to own jointly a wider world in order, like that company which does a best and will make will go.

The management which is transparent leads and the enterprise which is trusted.

The competition which is fair and just leads and the enterprise which is loved.

The enterprise which thinks an environment in as many as product two. Joins in and the enterprise which practices the spirit which lives.